We provide full range of services on a wide variety of projects through initial stages to completion. These include the following :

Pre-feasibility Studies : Site inspections, project identification and appraisal recommendation and report.

Feasibility Studies : Investigations, compilation and analysis of data, field survey & census, preliminary design, study of alternatives, benefit/cost studies and report.

Field Investigation : Topographic and hydrological surveys, sub-soil investigation, materials investigation etc.

Physical Planning : Client requirements, study of physical factors influencing design, development of Master Plan, space planning and forms, development of plans for individual structures.

Engineering Design : AutoCAD generated detailed drawings, recent software oriented structural design, construction schedule and specifications, cost estimations and construction planning, tender documents, design report.

Construction Management and Supervision : Pre-qualification of Tenders, floating of tenders, evaluation of tenders and recommendation on selection of contractors, construction supervision, project management, cost control, inspection and testing of materials and equipment.

Interior Decoration : We are also provide interior design drawing & solution as per client requirement. If Project demand then we give  all sorts of services in a schedule time.

Real Estate : We make joint venture Development project in the Real Estate sector. A lots of prospects have in this sector in Bangladesh. First we choice Client & Location then we have try to  negotiate & Finalize to fulfill a dream of stake holders.

Foundation works : We are also engaged in various social event in Bangladesh. We give award for brilliant students of non urban area every year. First we select them by the merit of their annual examination. And then we select them for Scholarship in Class Six to 9. In the Name of ‘Mohiuddin Khan Foundation’ we provide Scholarship & Prize Money,   Donate Money to poor people, Donate Winter clothes for Poor People etc.

Socio Cultural & Sports exposure :  We serve Various Socio cultural and sports activities in the non urban area. Round the year we help and give assistance for poor, medical issues, poverty issues & facilitate them.