[Single family residence at Mymensingh city]
It is located at the heart of Mymensigh City, Jublee Ghat on the bank of the city’s main attraction; Brahmaputra River. The area is on the center of its pouroshova.
The name of the building along with its design is done by its architect. The design concept is based on a cube. All the parts of the building has been cut out of cubes where the functions are distributed according to the consideration of their own requirements and the climate.
The Clients are 3 siblings, 2 brothers and 1 sister, each of them having 3 children. Their father also had one brother and one sister. Considering this similarity in family lineage, the house has been named Omer Cube.
The color white has been used to express the sculptural quality of the structure. Besides, the differences among the floors of the building has been made considering the geographical factor. As for example, since the area is densely populated, the ground floor of the building has been kept very open and high.
There is an extra terrace on the rooftop to enjoy the scenic beauty of the river. The interior designs have been made according to the client’s requirements.
The architectural, structural and electromechanical designs along with the interior designs have been performed and executed by Bashat Architects Engineers.